Tips for Easy Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be hectic and challenging. From dealing with opinionated friends and family to your overbearing in-laws, a bride could go crazy over all of the details. A new trend in weddings is to forgo the traditional wedding in your hometown and host a destination wedding. It is safe to say that hosting a destination wedding has its own challenges, but having your wedding in an exotic location makes it just a bit more carefree and fun.
Mexico destination weddings are a great way to combine a little vacation for your friends and family (and yourself), while still having the wedding of your dreams. Follow these great tips for Mexico destination weddings, and you will be sure to have a memorable wedding that your guests will be talking about for years.

Hire A Wedding Planner

A Cabo wedding planner is a must have when you are planning a destination wedding. Wedding planners can help you not only plan your wedding, but execute the details during and after your arrival. Local wedding planners know the right vendors and locations as well as can help handle any last minute fires that may pop up leading to your special day. Plus, they can help with all the behind-the-scenes details such as creating gift bags for guests, arranging someone to greet guests at the airport, planning activities for guests, and anything else that may come up. A good wedding planner for Mexico destination weddings is worth every penny.

Vet vendors

One of the perks of a wedding planner is that you can have them meet with potential Cabo vendors in your absence, so that you can get an educated opinion on vendors you want to use. If you plan on doing the vendor research on your own, without the help of a skilled wedding planner, be sure to properly vet your vendors. Ask local vendors for portfolios and check their references online on social media. Don’t trust that just because the vendor has a flashy website, they are the best in the area. Another good idea is to schedule a videoconference with a potential vendor, so you can meet them face to face.

Note the weather

When choosing to have a Mexico destination wedding, be sure to pay attention to the weather. Hurricane season lasts from July through October and the highest precipitation in the Cabo area is between August and October. Also consider where your guests will be traveling in from. If you’re planning a destination wedding in December, when most of your guests live in the storm prone Northeast, you may as well be asking for travel delays.

Take care of your guests

One way of thanking your guests for making the trip to your destination wedding is to show your appreciation with special perks. Some couples like to assist with travel or hotel costs for guests and others like to simply take care of some of the minor details like airport transportation. A great way to show your appreciation is to plan a welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner for all your guests the night before the wedding, or even an after-wedding brunch. You can also do something very small like creating gift bags for guests when they arrive at their hotel. Be sure your gift bags include a map of the area, list of popular activities, an itinerary, and snacks. A little effort goes a long way.

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